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AMTOI Cricket Tournament - 2 (ACT-2) breaks All Records

December 18 , 2019

MUMBAI: The AMTOI CRICKET TOURNAMENT Season-2 (ACT-2), was conducted at St. Andrews Turf, Bandra West, with a lot of funfair on 8th December 2019. Moving away from its inaugural three day event which took place on December 2, 2018, AMTOI conducted the knockout Tournament in one day. This was a milestone tournament as for the very first time ACT had 9 Women’s team participating in addition to a record 38 Men’s team. Despite these challenges the organizers rose to the occasion and made it into a day long family carnival which was appreciated by one and all.

The tournament and the Carnival was sponsored by Blue Water Lines an Abrao Group Company and the ACT Trophy and other awards were sponsored by Taurus Lines.

The Tournament was inaugurated by Mr. Amitabh Kumar, DG Shipping, Mrs. Lekha Kumari, Income Tax Commissioner along with Mr. Charles Rao, General Secretary of the Blind Sports Association.

The ACT Flag was unveiled by the Chief Guest and the celebrity balloons were set free by them and other dignitaries who graced the occasion.

Both Mr. Amitabh Kumar and Mr. Charles Rao congratulated AMTOI for arranging such a grand tournament. Mrs. Anjali Bhide, convener of ACT, read out the ACT Pledge along with all those present. She once again reiterated that the idea behind ACT is to build relationships that endured beyond business associations.

The matches commenced on the dot of 1100 hrs simultaneously at all six turfs and the quarter finals, semifinals and finals were played under Flood lights making it a vibrant day night affair. The finals were played between Perma Shipping Line and Pentagon Logistics. It was a nail biting finish with Perma requiring two runs from the last ball which resulted in a run out thereby making Pentagon Logistics the Champions. The Perma team put up a brave and spirited fight till the end which was applauded by one and all.

Outstanding spirit of sportsmanship was given to Transcon Freight Systems Pvt. Ltd. and Mr. R. K. Rubin, Managing Director accepted the trophy with great pride on their behalf.

Various other awards were given to the best players for their performances and sportsmanship.

The event which stole the show was the ladies event which was played by 9 teams filled with enthusiasm, energy and healthy competition. The finals were between EconShip & Goodrich Maritime where Goodrich Maritime prevailed despite the tough fight put up by Econship.

Thanks to the sponsors, the entire area around the turfs was turned into a Carnival area with special attention given to kids. Stalls for nail Art, Tatoo artists, caricature artist, puppet show, Ventriloquist and a Magician attracted a steady crowd especially kids of all ages while mothers were happy recording the events featuring their kids. The Magician, a lookalike of Bollywood Filmstar Govinda was seen mingling with the crowds showing his craft was easily the show stealers.

the events featuring their kids. The Magician, a lookalike of Bollywood Filmstar Govinda was seen mingling with the crowds showing his craft was easily the show stealers.

Kudos to Ms. Anjali Bhide and Mr. George Abrao for their flawless execution of the event and their support to the event.

Also a special mention needs to be given to the team of Volunteers from various member companies who were present throughout the day to ensure that ACT- 2 surpasses all expectations.

ACT-3 promises to be the mother of all tournaments next year!!