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Webinars / Trainings

Title:- AMTOI Knowledge Session on “Email Etiquettes”.
Dated:- 30/01/2024
Title:- AMTOI Knowledge Session on “Survey in our Industry”
Dated:- 16/01/2024
Title:- AMTOI presents Knowledge Session on Digital Signatures held virtually
Dated:- 25/11/2023
Title:- AMTOI Knowledge Session on AEO Importance & Registration process” held on 26th August 2023
Dated:- 29/08/2023
Title:- AMTOI Knowledge Session on IMDG Code, Amendment 41-22 – Summary of changes
Dated:- 23/06/2023
Title:- AMTOI in Association with FFFAI & BCBA presented Knowledge Session on – Export Compliances on 22nd May 2023
Dated:- 22/05/2023
Title:- AMTOI Women's Wing presented "Women Speak", a talk by Ms. Archana Law a certified Leadership Coach and Behavioural Consultant on "Master Secrets to get paid Big for the Big Work you do"
Dated:- 13/04/2023
Title:- AMTOI Knowledge Session on “Cyber Security Awareness”
Dated:- 12/04/2023
Title:- AMTOI in Association with BCBA, CAI & FFFAI presents Webinar on Maritime Anti-Corruption Network (MACN) held virtually
Dated:- 23/03/2023
Title:- Family Business Empowerment 4
Dated:- 11/02/2023
Title:- Post Budget 2023 Insights
Dated:- 04/02/2023
Title:- Family Business Empowerment 3
Dated:- 28/01/2023
Title:- AMTOI Knowledge Session on " Digitization in Shipping."
Dated:- 19/01/2023
Title:- AMTOI Knowledge Session on " GA and Intermediaries."
Dated:- 14/12/2022
Title:- AMTOI Knowledge Session on "Family Business Empowerment 2"
Dated:- 10/12/2022
Title:- AMTOI Knowledge Session on "Family Business Empowerment"
Dated:- 03/12/2022
Title:- Knowledge Session on Dangerous Goods Shipments, Regulations, Compliance and Acceptance
Dated:- 20/10/2022
Title:- Webinar on Cyber Security Policy Recommendations
Dated:- 02/05/2022
Title:- Knowledge Session on “Incoterms”
Dated:- 27/06/2022
Title:- Knowledge Session on "eInvoicing System"
Dated:- 03/09/2021
Title:- Webinar on 15 CA/CB- Technical Changes as per new Income Tax Portal 2.0
Dated:- 10/07/2021
Title:- Orientation on ODC, Heavylift and Project Cargo
Dated:- 18/06/2021
Title:- Webinar on "GST Impact on Logistics Industry"
Dated:- 25/05/2021
Title:- Webinar on "Role of India's Logistics Sector in Bringing Down Carbon Emissions"
Dated:- 10/05/2021
Title:- SCMTR Webinar held on 27th March, 2021
Dated:- 01/04/2021
Title:- Issues in delayed payments to MSME, as per MSME Act, 2006
Dated:- 10/03/2021
Title:- Webinar on “Transform to Perform” by Mr. Adil Malia
Dated:- 10/03/2021
Title:- "WHAT YOUR FAMILY MUST KNOW” - By Mrs. Sonal Gandhi
Dated:- 30/10/2020
Title:- AMTOI webinar on liabilities LSP for abandoned cargo, misdelivered cargo & E-Bill of Lading
Dated:- 15/09/2020
Title:- Webinar by AMTOI & CAI on Claims related to Cargo, Error & Omission faced by its members
Dated:- 28/07/2020
Title:- Knowledge Session on eSanchit and Faceless Customs By Dr MG Thamizh Valavan
Dated:- 21/07/2020
Title:- Webinar by AMTOI on, "BILL OF LADING"
Dated:- 24/06/2020
Title:- Ethics in Business & Good Governance - for prosperity and happiness by Pujya Gnanvatsal Swamiji
Dated:- 12/06/2020
Title:- Interactive Session with Shri Piyush Goyal | Minister of Commerce & Industry and Railways
Dated:- 12/06/2020